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Hi, I'm Ashley and I founded Kandelita Company with a simple concept: redefining what "home" smells like and what that means for people of different cultural backgrounds.

Scents are intrinsically tied to memory and the emotions that come with them. Filipino and Asian fragrances hadn't really been part of mainstream home fragrance at the time. I really wanted to flip the script on the tired stereotype that Asian flavors are inherently smelly, dirty or low quality.

Filipino culture is colorful and delicious, and my candles reflect that.

I hope that you will find something that gives you a pleasantly nostalgic feeling, or that you might be adventurous enough to try something new!


When I'm not making candles or working, I enjoy playing videogames, reading, running, and general solitude because I'm an introspective homebody. I have countless hours logged into Animal Crossing, and I constantly flipflop between coffee and tea. I love astrology (pisces sun, scorpio moon, gemini rising) and hate parallel parking. My favorite candle is Buko Pandan and my least favorite is [ REDACTED ]

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