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Gumamela | Soy Candle

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ūüĆļ¬†gumamela is a filipino¬†word for the hibiscus flower. the look and smell¬†of hibiscus¬†is synonymous with the tropics!

our gumamela candle is a sweet juicy floral with just a hint of berry! 


smells like: hibiscus, honey, rose, blackberry 

try this if you like: sampaguita


4 oz // burn time: 18-22 hours

8.5 oz // burn time: 45-50 hours


please trim wicks between burns and never leave a burning candle unattended


8.5 oz ceramic

cotton wick

premium soy wax

high quality phthalate-free fragrance oil

reusable white ceramic vessel

signature pink kandelita tube packaging ‚ú®

7 oz glass

7 oz of soy wax in a glass vessel

black metal lid

burn time approximately 35-40 hours

5 oz tin

5 oz of soy wax in a reusable white tin vessel

burn time approximately 18-22 hours

room spray

2 oz odor neutralizing fragrance spray


10 fl oz alcohol based perfume

phtalate free

signature pink kandelita packaging


candles, tins and tea lights : soy wax, phtalate-free fragrance oil, lead-free cotton wick

perfume: ethyl alcohol, fragrance, tert-butyl alcohol, water, denatonium benzoate

room sprays : ro/di water, deg monobuytl ether, antioxidants, natural odor absorbing enzymes

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