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Manila Mango | Perfume

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smells like: philippine mango + coconut milk

our perfume spray formula is an alcohol-based eau de toilette that delivers a nice, personal scent cloud without being overwhelming. these .33 fl oz sprays are perfect for on-the-go application as they fit perfectly in your pocket, purse or vanity.



8.5 oz ceramic

cotton wick

premium soy wax

high quality phthalate-free fragrance oil

reusable white ceramic vessel

signature pink kandelita tube packaging ✨

7 oz glass

7 oz of soy wax in a glass vessel

black metal lid

burn time approximately 35-40 hours

5 oz tin

5 oz of soy wax in a reusable white tin vessel

burn time approximately 18-22 hours

room spray

2 oz odor neutralizing fragrance spray


10 fl oz alcohol based perfume

phtalate free

signature pink kandelita packaging


candles, tins and tea lights : soy wax, phtalate-free fragrance oil, lead-free cotton wick

perfume: ethyl alcohol, fragrance, tert-butyl alcohol, water, denatonium benzoate

room sprays : ro/di water, deg monobuytl ether, antioxidants, natural odor absorbing enzymes

Customer Reviews

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Soooo comforting

This perfume lasts so long! I applied it to my wrists and neck and I can still smell it after 6 hours of running errands and cooking food. I will say, after a few hours the initial mango scent fades away and reveals more of the coconut notes.

I'd say the scent reminds me of those mango milk ice candies you get from the Filipino convenience store. It's very nostalgic and not too sweet. I'd definitely buy again!